S. N.Work DetailsLocationStart DateEnd DateStatusRemarks
1Fire Pipe Paint WorksAll Tower01/07/2320/08/23ClosedAll tower fire pipes (Vertical & Horizontal) paint work done.
Upper & Lower Basement Fire Ring Line Paint work is balance
2Fire Vertical Pipes, Landing valve, Butterfly, Hosereel Drum Repair workAll Tower01/07/2320/08/23ClosedAll tower repair work done
3Pump Room Paint workA2 tower lower basement01/07/23 ClosedPump room pipes paint work done
4Replacement of mechanical seal in Flushing Pump # 1A2 tower lower basement13/07/2313/07/23ClosedNew mechanical seal replaced
5DG Set shed workA8 tower ground floor14/07/23 ClosedDG Set shed work done
6New submersible pumpBack side of common washroom near main gate15/07/2315/07/23ClosedNew pump purchased and fixed in Rain water harvesting pit
7Security Guard roomMain entry gate17/07/2320/07/23ClosedNew Almira / drawer prepared for security room at the main gate
8A5 tower terrace water overflow issueA5 tower terrace21/07/2322/07/23ClosedPlumbing pipe connected to overflow outlet of water tanks linked directly to drain mechanism of plumbing shaft
9Club R.O.Club near swimming pool23/07/2323/07/23ClosedFixing of pressure release valve to control the water pressure for R.O. machine
10Park renovationIn front of A1 tower (Outside the exit gate)24/07/2328/07/23ClosedOutside park renovated by doing followings
1) Pole fixed to cover the area
2) Area covered by fencing wire to avoid entry of outside cows
3) New grass & new plants planted
11GYM machine repair & add of new partsGYM 25/07/2325/07/23ClosedExisting machines repaired and some new machine introduced
12CCTV workSecurity guard room at the main gate27/07/2301/08/23ClosedCentralised Display installaed at main gate security room for access of CCTV Coverage
13Biometric MachineSecurity guard room at the main gate27/07/2330/07/23ClosedExisting biometric machine shifted from Club library to the main gate
14Stone ghisai workA9 tower lower basement lift lobby area28/07/2302/08/23ClosedStone ghisai work done as it was pending since SBPL time
15Swimming pool plant room stainer workSwimming pool plant room28/07/2331/07/23ClosedNew ‘T’ stainer installed
16Yoga park floor repair workYoga Park near A4 tower ground floor29/07/2301/08/23ClosedYoga park floor repair work done


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