Saviour Greenisle Apartment Owners Association, Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad, U.P.


COMPLETED - Thank You Residents for Your Continued Support

  1. Light Change : Our outdated halogen lights have been replaced with modern LED lights, resulting in reduced electricity consumption.
  2.  Both Transformers Dehydration: Transformer dehydration has been successfully accomplished, leading to enhanced efficiency in transformers.
  3. A5 Electric Panel: We successfully carried out the A5 Electricity panel service, demonstrating our ability to complete the demanding task while ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the residents.
  4. A7 Electric Panel : We have successfully accomplished this other A7 Electric Panel crucial task without disrupting the residents’ supply, following the completion of Panel A5.
  5. Lift Audit : During the election campaign, we spoke to residents and listened to their concerns about the lifts. We have now completed an audit of the lifts and found that there are a number of areas where improvements can be made.
  6. Lift Audit Material Change : We have completed the audit of the lift and have taken the next step of changing the lift material.
  7. GYM Upgrade : Once again, the recent upgrade to the gym has prompted residents to make another enthusiastic request, resulting in joyful expressions on the faces of the gym-goers.
  8. Kids Slide Fix : Repair the children’s slide in the central park of Saviour and introduce two additional slides to the park.
  9. Kids New Slide Installation : A cost-effective new slide has been installed in A5 Park, providing a visual representation of money utilization.
  10. Switch Based light for Garbage Room: We have implemented a switch-based system to control the lights in order to save electricity.
  11. Fire Audit: In light of recent fire incidents in our area, we have audited our fire system to ensure the safety of our residents.
  12. Major leaks fix in UB and LB : The major leaks in LB and uB have been repaired.
  13. Builder Pending pole light: The builder completed the installation of the lights as per our discussion.
  14. Fire Cylinder Refill: AOA has ensured that fire cylinders are refilled as needed.
  15. Club Light Upgrade : We’ve replaced the club lights with LED lights, thereby enhancing the club experience.
  16. Wheelchair and Stretcher: We are committed to the safety of our residents, and we have added a wheelchair, stretcher, and first aid kit to help ensure their safety.
  17. Library face lift: We have added new tables and chairs to our library to provide a more functional and productive space for our patrons to study, work, and collaborate.
  18. A5 DG Shed : We have built a shelter to protect our DG and transformer from the rain.
  19. Scam Expose – During the preceding term of the SGAOA leadership, there was an occurrence related to a significant sum of money. Under the guidance of the former RBI resident and the committee, we meticulously carried out an investigation that led to the exposure of the fraudulent conduct.
  20. 600 Missing Receipts – We have brought to the attention of government authorities 600 missing receipts instances of possible financial irregularities. The total amount involved could be in the lakhs. We are in the process of recovering these funds.
  21. Website : We have created the SGAOA website with minimal expenses. Our regular activities are consistently being posted on the site.
  22. Balance Sheet: Our Balance sheet has been uploaded onto the SGAOA website.
  23. Wire Hole Cover: We have placed a covering sheet over the hanging wire in every tower which enhance the looks as well.
  24. Lobby Paint: In order to improve the experience of our guests within our community, we have applied a fresh coat of paint to the entrance lobbies of all our towers.
  25. Opened gate for Oval Park: The gate facility allowing our residents to access the oval park has been developed and will soon be operational.
  26. Fire Audit Material: After reviewing the fire audit report, we had a discussion with the builder to address the missing items and finish any remaining tasks. As a result, the builder has successfully added the previously missing fire item in our society.
  27. Domestic and Recycle Tank Pump Service: For a significant duration, we have provided maintenance to both the domestic and recycle pumps due to the persistent seal cut problem they were experiencing.
  28. Water Tank Cleaning: We have cleaned the underground and overhead tanks in response to a necessary demand.
  29. Whatsapp Group: To prevent the use of fake identities, we have established a WhatsApp group for the society.
  30. Fireline Paint: We have initiated wireline painting to enhance the longevity of fire lines.
  31. Floor Jali: We have recently implemented over 60 floor jalis to safeguard our water drain pipe from solid waste. Previously, there were no jalis present on the premises of Saviour.
  32. Flat size validation: We received a complaint from a resident regarding the fast running of the meter. To address this issue, we conducted an activity to validate the size of the flat. We will soon be sharing the report with the residents.
  33. RO and Water Cooler: Implemented RO and TATA water cooler systems to fulfill the requirement of clean drinking water for the maintenance staff and residents, resulting in monthly savings of approximately 5000.
  34. Safety kit for Staff: We purchased a satay kit for our staff, which includes safety essentials such as ropes, gloves, jackets, and more. This exemplifies our commitment to ensuring the safety of our maintenance Staff particularly in high-rise settings.
  35. Shock Proof Shoes: We acquired electrically insulated shoes to ensure the safety and comfort of our maintenance staff while they carry out their duties.
  36. Movable Stair: We’ve created a mobile stair system with 12 feet long wheels for efficiently changing pole lights, providing us with time and cost savings by eliminating the need to rent a stair from CIPL.
  37. First-ad Box: To enhance the safety of our residents and ensure prompt primary treatment during emergencies, a first-aid box has been installed in our society. This measure aims to provide immediate care within the crucial initial hours following an incident.
  38. Successfully finished the restoration and maintenance of the Fire Vertical Pipes, Landing Valves, Butterfly Valves, and Hose Reel Drums in every tower.
  39. Finishing Touches: Finishing touches have been applied to the Pump Room’s exquisite paintwork, nestled in the lower basement of the A2 Tower.
  40. Successfully completed the replacement of the mechanical seal in the Flushing Pump located in the lower basement of A2 tower.
  41. A brand-new pump has been acquired and skillfully installed within the rainwater harvesting reservoir located at the rear of the communal restroom, just adjacent to the main entrance gate.
  42. A brand-new security cabinet, custom-designed for the main entrance, is now ready at the primary gate.
  43. A plumbing pipe, previously unattended for over five years, has now been skillfully linked to the water tank’s overflow outlet, seamlessly connecting it to the building’s plumbing shaft in Tower A5.
  44. The outside park underwent a remarkable transformation through a series of enhancements:  A sturdy pole was erected to provide shelter and cover to the area. Fencing wire was meticulously installed to deter the intrusion of stray cattle. The park received a lush makeover with the addition of fresh grass and vibrant new plants. What was once a neglected space has now become a welcoming oasis.
  45. A centralized display has been installed in the main gate security room, providing security guards with convenient access to CCTV coverage.
  46. Relocating the existing biometric machine from the Club library to the main gate has been a strategic move. This not only helps in reducing unnecessary crowding in the clubhouse but also ensures a seamless process for members to clock in and out.
  47. Stone polishing work has been expertly completed in the lower basement lift lobby area of A9 tower, finally addressing a long-standing issue that persisted for years since the SBPL era.
  48. A brand-new ‘T’ strainer has been meticulously installed in the swimming pool’s plant room to guarantee a constant supply of pristine and hygienic water.
  49. Renovation of the flooring at the Yoga Park adjacent to the ground floor of A4 Tower has been successfully completed.
  50. Replaced 85 intercom units across all towers to ensure seamless communication, finally addressing a long-overdue improvement.
  51. As part of our Green Saviour and Clean Saviour initiatives, we’ve introduced a delightful addition to our community with the planting of nearly 700 new plants.
  52.  We’ve acquired a cutting-edge fogging machine for the collective well-being of our residents, aimed at safeguarding them from diseases like dengue.
  53. The club sofa has undergone its first-ever repair since its initial purchase, highlighting our strong commitment to maintaining our existing belongings.
  54. Extensive repair work has been completed on the terrace tiles across all towers, addressing a longstanding concern that had persisted for quite some time.
  55. Neon signboard has been meticulously restored and now gleams brightly on the rooftop of Tower A1.
  56. Acquisition of 100 tube lights for illuminating the common areas, accompanied by the completion of a stunning wooden facade paint job at the front of the club.
  57. The task of refilling the soil in all three planters and introducing new plantings has finally been completed, marking the resolution of a long-standing matter that had lingered since the time of SBPL.
  58. We’ve recently replaced the MS sheet at the Yoga hut, demonstrating our commitment to keeping things up to date for the benefit of our community.
  59. Fresh plumbing infrastructure has been installed to enhance the water supply in the temple vicinity.
  60. Park swings have been beautifully restored in both A1 and A5 towers, underscoring our unwavering dedication to providing a secure and joyful play area for our children.
  61. In order to ensure uninterrupted water supply to our residents, a new 160 Amp MCCB has been successfully installed in the domestic panel of the pump room, resolving a long-standing issue that had persisted for some time.
  62. A brand new 130-meter-long, 50-square millimeter cable with a robust aluminum armored casing has been expertly installed in the sacred precincts, reinforcing the safety and security of our cherished residents.
  63. An all-new 200-meter, 3-core, 10-square millimeter cable has been expertly installed in Tower A1, dedicated to enhancing the safety of our valued residents.
  64. We’ve replaced the damaged tiles on the club’s façade to elevate the overall charm and appeal of our clubhouse.
  65. A8 DG shed: We have developed a shed to protect our new A8 DG from rain.
  66. New Facility Management Provider: We have processed a facility management company to ensure the smooth operation of our society and handle compliance-related matters.
  67. A8 DG Connection for Pump Room: Previously, there was a lack of connectivity between the A8 DG and the Pump room, resulting in disruptions to the consistent provision of water supply during instances of main power outage when the A5 DG power was unavailable. We have rectified this issue, and it is now contributing positively to the community by ensuring improved service.
  68. A8 Transformer Commissioning for rest of the Tower:Previously, the A8 DG was unlinked from the A5 electric panel room, leading to disruptions in the consistent provision of electricity in the absence of main power and when the A5 DG power was inaccessible. We have rectified this issue, enabling both DG units to collectively provide electricity for the entire society. As a result, frequent power cuts are now a thing of the past.
  69. Load Distribution:Previously, the functionality of the A8 DG was impaired due to inadequate load distribution. Following a thorough analysis of the issue, we addressed it by redistributing the load through inspection of the tower load section. As a result, the frequent shutdowns of the DG have ceased, ensuring a consistent and smooth electricity supply even during periods of high demand.
  70. Working of New DG: The recently established DG location A8 has reached full operational status following its installation a year ago. This generator is now supplying power to Tower A5 and the pump room. Additionally, we have successfully identified and rectified the missing loop issue.
  71. Oval Park: We have initiated access to OVAL Park from the Saviour side, enabling universal entry for residents. This action reflects our steadfast dedication to enhancing societal well-being.
  72. Pole lights in front of Saviour main gate: Following a collaborative discussion with CIPL, the installation of pole lights has been completed. This task had been pending for some time, and we successfully executed it without any complications.

In Progress

  1. IFMS: We are maintaining contact with the builder to obtain the remaining IFMS.
  2. Road Issue: We are in regular contact with the builder, cipl, and GDA to promptly address any road-related issues and enhance the resident experience regarding road conditions and area beautification.
  3. Transformer Demand from Builder: We are currently in communication with the builder in order to obtain a new transformer for our society, as it is necessary for the efficient functioning of electricity.
  4. Police Chowki in front of Saviour: In order to ensure the safety of our residents and address their needs, we are collaborating with GDA, CIPL, and government officials to establish a police chowki in front of our society.
  5. Increaed electricity load 500: We are currently in the process of obtaining an additional 500 load from CIPL
  6. Building Repair and Paint: We are currently in contact with the builder in order to arrange for the repair and painting of the building.
  7. Completion Certificate: We are actively communicating with the builder to obtain the completion certificate for the building as soon as possible.
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