Agency for “Facility Management Services at Saviour Greenisle “
To have transparency in lining up Service Provider Agency in Saviour Greenisle Society, SGAOA followed ” Open Tendering Process” and M/s Y G Estate Facility Management Services ,Noida has been awarded the work of facility management services on 02 nd July 2023 for a period of one year.

Brief sequential description of the tendering and award of work order to the successful bidder is enumerated below:

Tier-I: Tender Opening Committee
1. Sheo Kr Singh
2. Ranjan Bhaskar
3. Prashant Kr Singh
4. Santosh Kr
5. UK Prasad

Tier-II: Technical Bid evaluation committee
1. TR Choudhary
2. Sheo Kr Singh
3. R K Tripathy(A-6)

Tier-III: Price Bid Opening and evaluation committee
1. Santosh Kr
2. RK Singh
3. Ajit Lal Ji

The entire effort was done in strict supervision and on every stage with due clarification / negotiation when required from Tender specification was reviewed and firmed up by two member committee(U K Prasad and Mr Rajeev Tripathi,A-6).

* NIT for open tender was published/ uploaded on “” web site , all the notice boards and at strategic location.
* 11 nos of Tender paper sold out.
* 06 nos of Tender papers submitted by bidders
* 3 Tier Committe for entire tendering process worked in for finalising their final recommendation for approval of SGAOA to award the work order to the successful bidder.

Out of the two shortlisted bidders finally , Tender Committee submitted their recommendation to SGAOA for according theirc approval to award the work order to M/s Y G Estate Facility Management Services, Noida on lowest offer basis .

Work Order issued on: 02.07.2023

Estate Manager : Sri Amrendra Sharma
(Selected through interview ,based on 10 points Scale of 06 candidates (deployed by M/s Y G Estate) by a team comprising of U K Prasad,Santosh Kr and Mrs Nikita Gairola).


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